Get the metadataType indices for data.

get_metadataType_indices(data, meta_types)



A tibble or dataframe with the columns: name, metadataType, species, assay, file_data, template (optional). The file_data column should be a list column containing a dataframe with the file data or NULL if the data does not exist. data is expected to have four rows, one for each metadataType: individual, biospecimen, assay, manifest. If file_data is NULL for a given metadataType, the metadataType should still be present. The template column should have the synID or Synapse JSON schema id for the metadata temaplate. If this is NULL or the column is missing, then the check will not verify that all expected columns are present in the metadata (i.e. check_cols is skipped).


List of metadataTypes to find.


List of indices for data where the metadataType exists; NULL if none exist.